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Specialty Interior Products

Acoustical Baffles and Wall Panels

Acoustical baffles and wall panels are an excellent way to add both aesthetic appeal and acoustical buffering to the interior of any commercial building. Wall panels provide a softened feel to large open spaces.

They also help make a space more intimate and welcoming, while improving acoustical features for a quieter environment. Sometimes office spaces can feel impersonal and cold. Acoustical baffles are not just functional; they leave a lasting impression on customers thanks to their unique flair and personalized touch.

Acoustical wall panels have a noise reduction coefficient, which signals how much noise absorption a product can absorb in a particular space.

The sound transmission class defines how efficient a product is at stopping the transmission of sound from one room to another.

Acoustical baffles also help to foster creativity and brainstorming. Their calming effect helps people find tranquility and to focus, which helps to increase productivity and keep people on task. They also have a high-end appearance that gives an environment a luxurious upgraded feel. They can be used from wall to wall, or configured to add decor and texture.

Exterior Systems - Cladding Support Systems; Exterior Architectural Cladding / Rainscreen Systems

Rainscreen Systems are an effective way to direct rainwater away from the exterior of your commercial building. They not only provide an upgraded aesthetic appearance; they also help to functionally redirect water. Rainscreen systems promote convective air flow to encourage both the evaporation and drainage of moisture to protect support walls.

The Advantages Provided by Rainscreen Systems

  • Natural materials
  • Sustainability - fully recyclable
  • Tiles are stain-resistant and retain color
  • Replacement of individual tiles is quick and easy
  • They are low-maintenance; all you need is water to clean
  • Protects the exterior of your building from all types of weather conditions
  • High energy saving ratings - 50% more insulation value, leading to lower energy consumption
  • They allow air to circulate beneath the system, which provides pressure equalization leading water away from the building